Pronunciation:  \sə-ˈmir-ē-ən\
Function: adjective
: very dark or gloomy

7.21.12 Lancaster, PA:

Testosteroso, Cimmerian, details TBD


When you register, you’ll be granted access to some bonus content, including a download of the full two tracks from our album, Awakened in the Shadows of Midgard!



We’re trying out something new. Now available to friends of Cimmerian is some guitar tab from our song, Awakened. It’s not the whole song, but we wanted to see if there was any interest in tab (or sheet music for other instruments). If so, we might do more of this in the future! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

To sign up, just click the registration link to the right. You’ll also be able to download an mp3 of the full song in its entirety so you can play along. Once you register and log in, just click the “Friends Only” tab that appears in the navigational bar above.



Don't forget - two shows this weekend!

Don’t forget, we have two shows coming up this weekend! The first is on Thursday, March 4th, 9pm at Ben’s Underground (on the Franklin & Marshall College campus.) This will be our album release celebration for the F&M community as a thank you to all our fans there. 

The second show of the weekend is Friday, March 5th (doors at 6, $8 cover) at The Boondocks in York Haven, PA. Come out and support us, and while you’re doing it, save the environment – bring some friends! There will also be 3 other bands performing with us.

We’ll all have a great time, and while we’re doing it, we’ll prove to them what you and we already know: We’re worth the time and the replacement eardrums. The more people we get to come out and the better time we all have, the more likely we are to be playing more shows soon where we’ll have an opportunity to showcase some new, original material!

As if this wasn’t enough reason to be there, Molesto the Magician will also be making a special appearance both nights. He’ll be doing what he does best – making dire predictions and turning tricks.

And as if that isn’t enough incentive, we’ll be giving away a free T-shirt to our loudest supporter that night – and remember, actions speak louder than words.

-Holly & Christopher


Artist of the Day

Rising Forces USA Independent Heavy Metal webzine has made Cimmerian their Artist of the Day! Many thanks to the folks at Rising Forces for what they do to support Independent Metal. Check them out on their facebook page or at their website

Don’t forget, Cimmerian has 2 shows coming up soon: March 4th 9pm at Ben’s Underground on the F&M campus, and March 5th with Silas and A Chelsea Smile at the Boondocks in York. Come on out and we’ll give you something to throw up the horns for! \m/


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